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Introducing the Internationally renowned "Tara " from Perth, Western Australia.

Tara is also known to many internationally by her married name of Gabrielle Crofts.

Gabrielle is somewhat a recluse on a day to day basis, so be patient with her when you contact her regarding a case or a reading. It may take some time to complete, and some time to get in touch with her but do not worry she will be able to get in touch with you when the time is right.

For advice or guidance on matters of relationship, crisis, personal anguish, business problems you can count on Tara providing you with the choices that you need.

Gabrielle is one of the top Psychic Detectives in the world today, and stared in the Japanese TV ASAHI crime solving show, "Save Our Souls." Gabrielle specialises in solving cases of missing persons, finding bodies of missing persons, helping to solve murder cases, and psychic profiling of murderers and serial killers. Gabrielle is a proven Psychic Remote Viewer, Psychic Detective, Psychic Profiler, Psychic Crime Solver and Psychic Investigator.

Gabrielle worked with Perth TV Channel Nine, Live at Five show, on the February 1993, Greenough massacre near Geraldton, Western Australia, and accurately profiled the murderer, and also picked up his name and occupation, relationship to the murder victims, and was able to assist a detective in the Western Australian CIB, who now denies he was assisted by Gabrielle, (meeting him for lunch at the "Heart of the Park" shopping centre in Victoria Park on each occasion), though for what other reason only God alone can know. She had met the detective in Perth on at least 5 occasions to assist him with profiling and advising him on the case. Gabrielle also confided these details to her close trusted friends whom are able to confirm the details all these years later. Gabrielle's husband is also aware of the particular detectives name and subsequent denial of issues.

Gabrielle was able to pick up that there was a single fingerprint or thumb print which the police initially missed and to go back into the crime site and re do the forensics, which the police then did at her suggestion to Don Hancock, CIB Head, at the time. She was allowed on the site at Greenough with the Channel Nine crew, including Reporter Max Harwood and Mara Pritchard, by special permission of Don Hancock.

(Don Hancock was sadly assassinated many years later, and to this day Gabrielle is devastated at his loss to the community of such a fine noble honest beautiful soul, whom she will never forget as long as she lives. Her prayers and her heart goes out to the family in love and comfort and understanding.)

In 1986 Gabrielle approached a certain Warwick CIB Detective, now retired, and profiled the serial killer David Birnie to the letter, and was 100 per cent correct, informing also Don Hancock, CIB Head, of David Birnie and his modus operandi.

Gabrielle Crofts, better known by her stage name of "Tara" is multi gifted, a genuinely accurate psychic, and is proven on television, as a highly gifted, International Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Platform Medium, Tarot Reader, Psychic Profiler, Psychic Detective. She is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient, a genuine medium. She can see, hear and smell spirit.

Gabrielle was a regular and unpaid guest with Peter Dean on radio 6PR in Perth for over a year during the late 1990's.

Gabrielle was a regular unpaid guest with Jim Campbell and his wife Dianne, his producer, on the morning breakfast Geraldton radio station Batavia Coast 98FM. Tara accurately predicted the premature tragic death of Dianna, the Princess of Wales, 2 weeks before this occurred on live radio, together with a massive number of other predictions such as the terrorists attacks on 9/11, which is truthful and can be verified by Jim Campbell in Toowoomba radio QLD now.

Gabrielle was using her spiritual name of TARA at the time and is well remembered by many Geraldton people for her amazing national and international predictions.

Gabrielle "TARA" appeared on the July 1997 Kerry Anne Kennerley Midday Show to help plead for the lives of the two nurses from U.K. facing Saudi Arabian beheading, execution. Gabrielle successfully advocated on the nurses behalf to a intermediary of the family relative and the brother spared their lives as he still thought that they had done the murder of his sister Yvonne Gilford but due to the specific nature of the messages from spirit of his sister he agreed to accept the blood money and instead use the money to set up a children's hospital ward in Adelaide. It is a fact that had it not been for her direct intercession, the nurses would have been executed.

This is verifiable through a family intermediary.

On the same show, on the same day, Tara/Gabrielle was asked about the Gianni Versace murder by Kerry Anne and Gabrielle accurately described that it was a stalked kill by a serial killer. This was before the police investigation or media even mentioned a serial killer.

Gabrielle Crofts/Tara has Graduated from University with two degrees, the equivalent of six years full time University level studies.

1. B.A. Arts, in Family Studies, (Social Work Stream) from Curtin University Western Australia 1999,
2. B.A. Arts Double Major in Women's Studies, and in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology 1991.

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+61 8 92473190
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